Washington Family Law and Divorce Attorney

Washington Family Law and Divorce Attorney

Offering You Expert Legal Advice In Yakima, WA

If you are experiencing the frustrations of marital conflict, the Connaughton Law Office can help. Attorney Blaine T. Connaughtonhas served families in Yakima for 28 years.

Family Law Attorney in Yakima, WA

Divorce affects every facet of your life making it of utmost importance that you get expert legal representation. At Connaughton Law, when you're facing one of the most difficult decisions of your life, having your legal interests in the hands of an expert helps lessen the burden. Connaughton Law has extensive experience and knowledge in the following areas:

Divorce - in Washington State, everything acquired before and during the course of a marriage must be divided. In some divorces, lengthy trials may be necessary and require legal advice an experience. Financial investigations in high net worth divorces are extremely detailed. Having an experienced lawyer on your side helps protect your interests.

Confidence and comfort in your attorney is paramount in family law where the personal stakes are high. Connaughton Law is committed to earning your trust through frequent and honest communications, exceptional legal representation, and the highest level of integrity.

Child Custody - Divorce affects children in a multitude of ways, and having the proper custody order in place is crucial. Areas such as child placement and the appropriate residential schedule must be explored and reviewed to ensure each spouse receives access to the children.

Parenting Plans - When minor children are involved, Washington law requires a parenting plan be in place when proceeding with marital dissolution. If the parents are not married a parenting plan is required in a parentage action.

Child Support - Determining child support payments in Washington State is done via a schedule which takes into consideration the parties net income and the number of children involved. Deviations from the schedule may be available depending on the number of factors.

Spousal Support and Maintenance - Once called "alimony", spousal support is referred to as "maintenance." Maintenance cannot be ordered or deemed as punishment for misconduct in a marriage. Among things that the courts consider when determining maintenance are: Financial resources for each party, work experience and earning prospects and the duration of the marriage.
Blaine Connaughton has over 28 years of experience and will provide competent advice as to how maintenance case might be viewed by the judge.